October 2010

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Vegas Trip Day 2: Matador at 21 Day 1 (AKA Swingers)

Visit the

Neon Museum


Start of Matador @ 21:

Pavement: 12:00am – 1:00am
Sonic Youth: 10:40pm – 11:30am
Fucked Up: 9:35pm – 10:15pm
Chavez: 8:30pm – 9:10pm
Guitar Wolf: 7:30pm – 8:10pm




<p>Sonic Youth</p>

Sonic Youth

<p>Fucked Up</p>

Fucked Up



<p>Sushi buffet</p>

Sushi buffet





<p>Neon Boneyard</p>

Neon Boneyard

<p>Terrifies + McDonalds</p>

Terribles+ McDonalds

<p>The Osmonds have no place in this city</p>

The Osmonds have no place in this city

Bellagio fountains. Was too drunk to care.

<p>So many lovely escorts do I have to choose just one?</p>

So many lovely escorts do I have to choose just one?

<p>Restaurant at our hotel. Saying it fast makes you sound racist</p>

Restaurant at our hotel. Saying it fast makes you sound racist

<p>I saw a casino here!!</p>

I saw a casino here!!

<p>Couldn’t find wifi till this morning.. Pics from last night</p>

Couldn’t find wifi till this morning.. Pics from last night


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Vegas Trip Day 3: Matador at 21 Day 2 (AKA Fear And Loathing)

Matador@21 Second day. Hopefully not destroyed from previous day. Will I make it through this day?

Belle & Sebastian: 11:45pm – 1:00am
Spoon: 10:25pm – 11:15pm
Superchunk: 9:20pm – 10:00pm
Cat Power: 8:15pm – 8:55pm
Perfume Genius: 7:55pm – 8:15pm
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 6:50pm – 7:30pm
Come: 5:45pm – 6:25pm
Girls: 4:40pm – 5:20pm
MC : Bob Nastanovich

Dead Meadow: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Harlem: 1:30pm – 2:05pm

Cold Cave: 2:25am – 3:15am
Esben and The Witch: 1:30am – 2:00am





<p>Bought 1.75 liters of gin</p>

Bought 1.75 liters of gin

<p>Did the old In and Out at Las Vegas</p>

Did the old In and Out at Las Vegas

<p>Realistic Stanley Cup game simulator</p>

Realistic Stanley Cup game simulator

<p>Only 2 of these pinball games in existence: Pinball Circus. It’s raaaad</p>

Only 2 of these pinball games in existence: Pinball Circus. It’s raaaad

<p>My fav pinball game: T2</p>

My fav pinball game: T2

<p>Elton John Pinball!</p>

Elton John Pinball!

<p>Pinball Hall of Fame… Impressive no?</p>

Pinball Hall of Fame… Impressive no?


<p>Gonna “lose the tanline” 2day.</p>

Gonna “lose the tanline” 2day.

<p>From last night.. That is Amanda’s cup suctioned to Damien’s head… Lasted the entire show.</p>

From last night.. That is Amanda’s cup suctioned to Damien’s head… Lasted the entire show.

<p>Saw this when I picked up my wristband yesterday. Truly I was in Hipster territory.</p>

Saw this when I picked up my wristband yesterday. Truly I was in Hipster territory.

<p>I won big!</p>

I won big!


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Vegas Trip Day 4: Matador at 21 Day 3 (AKA Ocean's Eleven)

Matador@21 Last Day. All that matters is: Guided By Voices.

Guided By Voices: 11:30pm – 1:00am
Yo La Tengo: 10:10pm – 11:05pm
Liz Phair: 9:50pm – 10:10pm
The New Pornographers: 8:40pm – 9:25pm
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists: 7:35pm – 8:15pm
Shearwater: 6:30pm – 7:10pm

MC’s : Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster

The Clean: 4:30pm – 5:15pm
Times New Viking: 3:30pm – 4:05pm
Kurt Vile: 2:30pm – 3:05pm






<p>Lizzy Phair</p>

Lizzy Phair

<p>Née Pornos</p>

Née Pornos

<p>The Clean + Yo La Tengo</p>

The Clean + Yo La Tengo

<p>Times New Viking</p>

Times New Viking

<p>Fake sky</p>

Fake sky

<p>Popcorn lobster. Yep.</p>

Popcorn lobster. Yep.

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Vegas Trip Day 5: Hang Out, Penn & Teller (AKA The Hangover)

Time to relax? Have a fancy dinner at Wynn Las Vegas. See my childhood idols Penn & Teller.


<p>Wish i could stay</p>

Wish i could stay



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Vegas Trip Day 6: Leaving Las Vegas (AKA Leaving Las Vegas)

Leave. Las Vegas. :-(

Also, stock up on USA Breakfast cereals, chips and pop in Great Falls.


<p>All in all, it was a fun trip.</p>

All in all, it was a fun trip.

<p>Best Buy vending machine</p>

Best Buy vending machine

<p>Crappy picture of Penn Jillette</p>

Crappy picture of Penn Jillette

<p>Fancy dinner last night at Wynn</p>

Fancy dinner last night at Wynn



<p>Leaving LV</p>

Leaving LV


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Vegas Wrap Up Blah Blah

So, Vegas was rad. The Matador @ 21 concert was amazing. Las Vegas is an insane city I may never go back to unless it's for work or with a group of friends.


I filmed little clips of the Matador festival with my iPhone and edited it all together. Here:


Guided By Voices was definitely the most memorable show, they were better than I imagined. I was right up front (in front of Tobin Sprout). Pollard still does the flying kicks, and had some great stage banter inbetween songs.


Tobin and Bob do a few quiet songs while Greg Demos rests


Greg Demos & the infamous striped pants!

Before GBV started, a man on the stage was shaking hands. I had no clue who he was. He waited there for me to shake his hand, and asked why I wouldn't... so I did. Turns out it was Mitch Mitchell, guitar player for Guided By Voices. The last picture I saw of him was from 15 years ago. What do you expect? The guy was clearly loving it though, after GBV walked off between their 2 (or 3, I forget) encores, he would stay on stage, waving to the crowd and shaking hands.

Pavement had lots of trouble with sound and Scott Kannberg AKA Spiral Stairs was super pissed through much of the set as his monitor didn't work or something. Sort of a bummer. But I was right in front of Malkmus and he was classic Malkmus...at one point lying down on the floor playing guitar, but in a lazy way, not a rockstar way. It was actually a great show. Bob Nastanovich killed it during Conduit For Sale. Amazing.


Malkmus chillin'


Belle & Sebastian were probably the tightest and best sounding band sonically. Those guys are total pros.

Fucked Up was loud as ever. At one point early on, Damian came over to where we were and grabbed Amanda's empty plastic cup and crushed it on his forehead, where it remained the rest of the show, even AFTER he removed his shirt. Amazing!


Damian with the squished cup

Tom Sharpling and Jon Wurster were easily the best MCs of the 3 nights. So funny. My favourite was when Wurster, dressed as some sorta hipster douche, said that his new band was a cross between "Das Racist and that owl movie".

Sonic Youth were also great, and look amazing. I was in from of Lee Renaldo. At the end of their set they grinded all their guitars together in an orgy of noise. Wonderful!

The Clean were really rad too, and I didn't realize the bass player was also the main guy from The Bats, another New Zealand band I love. I ran into him several times too but never talked to him. Dang.

I wore my Endangered Ape shirt one day and lots of people looked interested and confused by it. One guy actually asked what it was. I said the greatest band in the world.

So ya, 3 days of some of the best indie rock you can imagine, totally worth the price.

I also saw Penn & Teller at the Rio the next day and it was pretty rad. Had the best seats, about 8 rows back and dead center. Love those god-denying magicians! I used to buy their books and try their tricks out on my friends, back when I was in elementary school. They were probably my favourite Letterman guests.


Penn Jillette and some broad

And of course I went to The Pinball Hall Of Fame, which is a decent sized building housing over 100 playable pinball machines. It was dimly lit with no windows, just like a proper arcade. Took me back to the glory days! They have a machine called Pinball Circus, of which only 3 exist on planet earth. It was made in the mid 90s and deemed to expensive to mass produce. It's also totally awesome, the only multi-leveled pinball game that I can think of (it is in the shape of a regular arcade cabinet basically). Pretty radical.


Mario Pinball


Pinball Circus

I didn't win any many in the casinos. I think maybe I won a dollar. I don't really get how you get addicted to gambling. At least not the machines. They seem stupid. I'd rather play pinball any day. Or Scrabble. Or 52 card pickup.

And lastly, I went for the 2-for-1 escort deal. Never again! It's true what they say: you get what you pay for. And what I got was a lackluster handjob and a stolen watch. You've been warned.




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Guess who's birthday it is today?


That's right, French porn actress Melissa Lauren! This ass-to-mouth loving, anal-sex having star of such films as "Tunnel Butts" and "Black In The Crack: Black In The Back" is turning 26! Did you know that she was also in the film "The Inception", not to be confused with the recent summer blockbuster "Inception". Her film features far less "dreams within dreams" and far more "penises within orifices". Yet curiously, still has Ellen Page in a supporting role (as a fluffer).

I remember on my 7th birthday thinking "I have a feeling a great taker of many man-rods was born just now somewhere in France." Then I had some cake and watched Hercules.

Speaking of cake, here is a photo of Melissa enjoying some chocolate birthday cake! ("Not" Safe For Work, I guess, if where you work is lame and doesn't recognize birthday hats as a viable alternative to clothing).

Sorry that most of my links just went to IMDB entries. I'll try to link to more "DP*" photos next time.
* - DP Means "Double Penetration"**
** - Two penises in one orifice***
*** - It's not gay if penises touch as long as female flesh is acting as the "bread" or "hot pocket" if you will****
**** - Ok it's sorta gay

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In May of 1993 I programmed a little game called "Spyrunner" using QuickBasic. Really it wasn't much of a game. Basically I had recently figured out how to display graphics in QuickBasic, other than ones I manually drew myself from within programs. So I could take an amazing hi-res GIF (320x200, 256 colors) and have it display on the screen in my very own game!

It didn't take long to figure out that meant I could display porn in a video game.

Back then, porn was a pixelated mess of 256 colors, if you were lucky. In fact, 256 color VGA GIFs were pretty new back then, a big improvement over 16 color EGA porn of old. You could even make out nipple colors separate from the surrounding flesh! Shortly later the age of "SVGA" began and we could view pictures at more pleasant resolutions such as 640x480 (provided you could find a graphics viewing program that worked with your video card).

And we couldn't just go to Google and type "naked sluts". No. There was no Google. If you told someone to "google it", they would look at you funny. No, we had to direct dial a BBS and get the porn from there, often incurring long-distance charges that would piss your parents off when the phone bill came.

One such BBS was called Rusty N' Edie's BBS, which was a huge system run out of Ohio. They were well known for often having pirated software and porn, so much so that they got in trouble for it. If you looked at my parents phone bills from 1993, you would find a lot of calls to Ohio. I mean, I wasn't just constantly downloading porn, but you know. Sometimes. Way less than when I got "Internet" a few years later. Man, now THOSE days were filled with porn!

This really wasn't the focus of this blogpost. This was supposed to be about my epic spy adventure game Spyrunner. Spyrunner took place in the near future, as I was obsessed with Cyberpunk at the time. Because Cyberpunk is the coolest thing ever. The plot of the game is that you are a spy, you see. But really...you aren't a spy so much as a detective. Those really aren't the same things. I mean, you ARE "spying" in the game, but it's more that you are on a stakeout.

Also you are a pervert.

The only part of the game where you do anything but advance the screens is when you must pick which room to look at with your fancy hi-tech telescope. The only room that works is 878. That's when the hardcore sex begins. In all it's pixelated glory. I'd say it's Not Safe For Work but really...it mostly looks like pixelated orange people from Jersey Shore.

The original "artwork" was created by me in Deluxe Paint II Enhanced (published by Electronic Arts), the coolest image editor of it's time. It was the Photoshop of the late 80s / early 90s. Thus, the overuse of gradients everywhere. I fucking loved gradients.

So anyways, below you can find a walkthrough for the entire game. Ya, that's about it. I guess I never finished it, though I don't recall if I had any other plans for it. Notice the use of "Enhance Mode", way before CSI was ever on the air.

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The Skydiggers are a Canadian jangle-rock/twang-core band that had some hits back in the mid-90s. You may remember their song "I Will Give You Everything", "I'm Wondering" or "A Penny More". You might give them "underrated" status, as they had a lot of great songs, a unique singer, but were never as popular as say, The Tragically Hip or The Lady Gagas. They are still playing, and I think putting out albums still. They sound a bit like R.E.M., a bit like Grapes Of Wrath, a bit like I dunno...maybe Crowded House? My mom liked them a lot so there you go.

When "A Penny More" was being played on MuchMusic (this sounds like a joke but no really, there was a time when MuchMusic would play videos) I was really into it. Cool sorta dark song with a rad ending. I liked it so much I even made a MIDI version of it.

It's amazing! Please, compare the original song (apparently no one has posted the original video on Youtube so this is a recent live version):

And my amazing MIDI version circa 1993, which is totally not using the same patches as when I created it but I don't know how to play it properly anymore, so whatever:

[ Play "A Penny More MIDI Style" ]

My point being: the singer and one of the other Skydigger bros are playing The Slice tonight. Come for the band, then leave for the venue. That's what I'm planning on doing. PS I'm playing a show there next month.

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Skydig Fanclub

Andy Maize and Michael Johnston of The Skydiggers were pretty great last night, and even did a cover of Teenage Fanclubs "Start Again". I missed a bit of the start, but anyways, here it is:

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Myelin's Sharp Fists


So much good local music going on in the next few days.

Today for example, there is not one but TWO record release parties happening in Calgary at Broken City. Local kids Myelin Sheaths and Calgary kids Sharp Ends both have records coming out by two different California-based labels (Southpaw and Kill Shaman).

And speaking of that, a few months back local pals Fist City released their very own debut record on Cleveland label Dead Beat Records. What is it with American garage-punk labels and Southern Alberta? Is it that we are just that good? Is Lethbridge the next "Seattle circa 1990"? Is Calgary the next "Halifax circa 1993"? Is Pincher Creek the next "Boise Idaho circa 2023"? Only time will tell.

Who will be the "Pearl Jam" to the Myelin Sheaths' "Nirvana"? Should I start that band? Should I take away some of the edge and add creamier vocals and more guitar solos?

Who will "Kurt" themselves in the Sheaths, while I "Eddie Vedder" my way to a lifelong steady music career, occasionally writing hit songs to movies while stilll maintaining street-cred somehow?

Who from the Sheaths will start their own "Foo Fighters"? Will Joel Butler start his own band that sort of sounds like the Sheaths, but with more stadium friendly anthems suitable for playing at a hockey game? Will Martine "Novoselec" herself, playing bass in increasingly obscure rock bands while fading away into obscurity writing the occasional column for a "music-blogazine"?

Will Fist City "Sonic Youth" their way to a lifelong career of making marketable yet still underground genre expanding music, or will they "The Gin Blossoms" themselves into a faded memory, getting less and less frequent airplay on the local "Hits You Love" station until they are all but forgotten? When will Kirsten write her "Hey Jealousy" and begin the process?

Will Sharp Ends "The Strokes" themselves into sudden fame, ushering in a whole new era of copycats until people are so burned out on "the sound" that by the time they release their sophomore album, nobody cares anymore, and Chris Zajko eventually goes on to release a solo LP that only really has one good song and all the rest just sound like Sharp Ends songs but with the guitars replaced by MicroKorgs?

Who knows. Exciting times we live in, So-Alb!

(It's like SoCal. It's a thing I'm starting. Start using it. "So-Alb". Yeah.)