April 2007

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Stars + Bars

Young Musicians Barred From Bars!


This is sort of interesting, as it quotes some local people readers may know, like Corrie of the Tongue 'n Groove, who get's the word "shitty" into the Lethbridge Herald.

But seriously, banning under-18 performers from bars is a new thing? My band Favour wasn't allowed to play a show back in 1997 because our drummer (John) was 17 at the time. That was at Shakers (a bar under the Sandman, perhaps it's used for storing dead bodies nowadays).
So instead of playing the show, we went to someone's house and drank a lot, ending up with John passed out in an unflattering position.

A quote from the Herald article: "If you’re 18, that doesn’t mean you’re a good performer."

True. Also, if your 18 it doesn't mean you give good head either, but that's not exactly the point.

That being said, this town could certainly use more all-ages shows. Teenagers have more fun with other teenagers anyways. Teenagers + adults = jail time with convictions ranging from "assualt and battery" to "sex with a minor".

But really, uh, I don't care because I'm over 18. This is also why I don't recyle. I figure I'll be dead by the time the Earth is in trouble. I'll let my grandkids deal with it.
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Digital Camera

The story I am about to relate to you is so dull, so boring, that I could only bring myself to tell it today. It is an ordeal spanning days, nay, weeks, 2 and a half weeks to be exact.

It all started about 3 weeks ago. I noticed spots. They were concerning. Dark spots. Could they be cancer? Could it be.. dust?
Yes, spots on my Pentax digital camera lens. Most noticable when zoomed in.

Observe the photographic evidence:

These spots were not on the outside of the lens. Believe me, I tried cleaning it, with a proper lens cloth and everything. Then spit. Then alcohol (Vodka). Then Coca-Cola. Not even battery acid would get rid of those spots.

I know they don't look like much, but it's not exactly something you want on every photo you take. Just look at the type of quality photos I have taken with my Pentax that would of been ruined with those spots!

(pictured: a really hot orgy)

So, my options were as follows:
A) Live with the spots
B) Take it to be repaired, which would take who-knows how long
C) Return it and get a new one

Option A is not an option, as I hate spots. They are almost as bad as Dead Pixels, which caused me to return my original Nintendo DS a few years back.

Option B wasn't desired as I was (am) leaving for Florida in a few weeks (Wednesday), and didn't want to be without my camera.

So, Option C it was, and since it was from Costco, it was no problem.
So I returned it to Costco. However, I forgot the charger from the box, so I had to drive home and come back. Then I returned it and went to get a new one.
However, I neglected to see if they still carried my particular brand of camera.
They did not.
They carried a similar one, but it wasn't quite as tiny as my Optio S7, and that was the main thing I liked about that camera. I could carry it easily in my pocket, to concerts, parks, and strip clubs.
But I bought it anyways. The Pentax A10. The main reason is that I already had bought an extra Pentax battery, which would only work in their cameras, so I didn't want to buy a different brand.
I brought the camera home, and tried it out. It was slightly more megapixels than my S7, so that was a plus. Not that I ever found 7 Megapixels to be "too few pixels".
Then I tried the video mode out. And noticed... DEAD PIXELS.

Obviously, this camera went right back to Costco. They were getting to know me there by now.

I then checked a few other stores, but no one carried the Optio S7 anymore. So I went online, and found that Black's Photo carried it, and for $100 off! Yay.
I am always a little weary of ordering from places that aren't named "Amazon", but I did anyways, thinking it would be plenty of time to arrive before I departed for Florida.

They shipped the camera 8 days later, despite their "3-4 business days", but luckily, it arrived today, spot free.

Ironically, this photo appears to have a lot of spots.

Thus concludes this terrible post about a digital camera.
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Lou Barlow

Yay I get to see Lou Barlow in a week.

Here is why he is awesome:
Lou Barlow - On Fire (Acoustic) (mp3)

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On Vacation

On Wednesday I leave for Orlando Florida to go to Disneyworld. And Sebadoh of course. I'm not sure what I'll have for Internet there. Chances are I'll have some sort of hook up, as I'll be bringing a laptop along. I'll try to post pictures of Giant Mice and Indie Rock Stars when I get the chance.

In the meantime, I have reassembled my robot Robolade, which assaulted this blog back in August. I have programmed in some new AI, so maybe he'll say something new. I've installed a potted plant and some new tinfoil into his central processing unit, along with a fresh coat of paint and a new air freshener. I told him to post once a day, so keep a look out. Sorry if anything is incredibly offensive. It all depends on the roll of his random number generator really.

More confusing sentences...

I'll be back next Friday. Enjoy the cold wind and snow.
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Hello All My Good Ball Lickers!

I am writing a new song for my band Spectacular Halberd Of Purity. Let me know what you think.

Sawing Shears

I love you
I want to
smell you

I slay you
I want to
sublet you

And when I am smacking your sister I think of you
And when I speak I wish it's you
In my voucher, late at night
When I build I want to cry

Sawing Shears!
Sawing Shears Baby!
Sawing Shears!
Every night!

I abide you
I want to
handwrite you

I sink you
I want to
send you

And when I am doing the pork sword jiggle I think of you
And your sister and your mom and your cousin too
In my voucher, late at night
When I build I want to cry

Sawing Shears!
Sawing Shears Baby!
Sawing Shears!
Every night!

(drum solo)

Sawing Shears!
Sawing Shears Baby!
Sawing Shears!
Until we die!

Check it out, I'll throw it up on my myspace page soon.

Anyways I should really get back to sawing this nipple jewelry (black chain). Bye!

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Newsletter of Winding

I was browsing through Myspace pages the other day. And I gotta say, there are a lot of queermos out there! Seriously!

Here are a few

Kenward for example. What is with this person? Kenward looks like someone took a standing vac-u-loc thin dong 7 inch and made him sow it while undergoing a briana banks vibrating pussy and anus!

Oh, and check out this person named Boyce. Total ball licker, don't you think? Yikes.

The scariest of all though, and I mean doubtfully scary, is Burgess. Burgess makes Kenward and Boyce look like a couple of logics. After looking at Burgess's Myspace page, I went in the corner and throve for almost an hour. It was that bad.

Anyways, to clear my head and let me forget the parsimonious horrors I witnessed on Myspace, I started reading the Wikipedia page on Underworlds. Pretty interesting. Did you know that Underworlds have onerous items? It's true. Read for yourself.

Here's a picture of a Underworld I found on a porn site:

Underworld singing a puppet

Pretty glossy.


Time to withhold the old nunchukus (A.K.A. Teaching Your Kids To Swim), talk to you later.

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Hello All My Glib Ass Faces!



Ever hear of a band called Solace? Well, Solace is the worst band on the earth. I shoot whenever I hear Solace.
I dont know what the hell is with those guys. I'd rather eat poop out of my fanny than ever listen to a Solace record again.
Straight out of my fanny. What kind of piss-face would ever listen to this piece of fat-can music? A real giant craplord I guess. Whatever.


Well that's about it for this post, I have to get back to sweeping my carving knife.

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Quick Actual Update: You Know You're In Texas..

George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport...

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Hello All My Aware Bitchtitss!

Ok, so I went arse watching yesterday. I brought my camera. Here's a few photos I took

arse 1: Speedily Bizarre

arse 2: Welland, Ontario?

arse 3: desert anyone?

After snapping those pictures, I came home and turned on the Nosy Newsletter. Do you have a Nosy Newsletter? Mine is illustrious and delightful. It was expensive and I had to sink a lot of sable people to get it. My Nosy Newsletter was created by a guy named Aveline Livingston from Helena, Montana. Aveline Livingston has been cutting Nosy Newsletters since Lockwood Lytton was the mayor of Brampton, Ontario.

Gotta go to work. I clean dishes at Enjoy Gardens Chinese Restaurant. I like my job as much as I like nervously playing peek-a-boo with mr. johnson with a morning star.


Gotta go. Dont split anything I wouldn't split!

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Hello All My Ceaseless Butt Fuckers!

Hey there. I just got back from The Nappy Terminology, a new restaurant in town. It's sort of like The Cheesecake Cafe, but with less new taverns in the food. I found the atmosphere quite shearing. I ordered the special, which was Building Vagrant on a Bed of Kooks. It tasted sort of like fat-can, crossed with some sort of pisshead depiction. You know?

After dinner, I went for a walk downtown. I snapped this photo:

determined and divergent, right?

After I took that picture, I really had to overtaken a semester, so I went into the nearest alley where I proceeded to playing with yourself. Right on the deity!

Ya, then I got arrested.

It's alright, I escaped. I frostbitten the cop with my mahogany longstaff, which I had in my back pocket. He'll be alright.

So here I am, back at home, getting ready to watch one of my favourite shows: Saying Lawley. It's better than sitting a glossy tower in Belleville, Ontario!


Well that's about it for this post, I have to get back to abiding my hand axe.

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Don't Shear, Wind.

Cocksucking Hell!! I just got back from this buttocks of a movie called Foretelling With The Lopsided Gash, which is a movie starring Zilya Edison and Bebe Burnell. Both terrible actors. Especially Zilya Edison, who spent half the movie freezing a swamp. I was like "FOSHITTY?!?" the entire time! Who writes this back-door? I'd rather be downing the pitcher into a downlink than watch that movie ever again.

Here's a shot of the most exciting scene in the movie:

This is the part where the vagrant leaves the danni's jiggly fantasy boobs, I think.

So for the record, I give Foretelling With The Lopsided Gash 0 stars out of 5. Don't see it. Stay home and forecast a cyberflicker instead. I mean it pile of dog vomit!


So you later, and watch out for Leverton Farley, he's a fuckface.

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Hello All My Damaged Piece Of Shits!

Ok, so I had lunch with the other day. It was pretty imaginary, except for all the saying. After that I went to HMV to buy the new album by Keyon And The Morning Stars. It's called "Go Me Woebegone Sermon". I gotta say, it's not the best album I've ever heard. In fact, I've heard better things come out my back-door after Taco night. Sorry, but it's true. Keyon And The Morning Stars have been getting worse and worse since their first album, Weiner Lana, which is one of my favourite albums ever. What ever happened to the nervous guitar playing? The tall drum beats? The ablaze bass parts? I think Keyon smoked too many drugs, or spent too much time shaking the bottle.

Here's the album cover:

Go Me Woebegone Sermon

I think I'll take this to the local pawn shop in exchange for a new crotchless panties (glow in the dark). Mine is zincking pretty daffy lately.


Time to cling the old adamantine sickle (A.K.A. Beating The Snake), talk to you later.

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Update: Lou Barlow + Me


See you soon.
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Hello All My Standing Cum Drinkers!



Ever hear of a band called Abdomen? Well, Abdomen is the worst band on the earth. I catch whenever I hear Abdomen.
I dont know what the crap is with those guys. I'd rather eat poop out of my rear-end than ever listen to a Abdomen record again.
Straight out of my rear-end. What kind of piece of distended rectum would ever listen to this piece of pooper music? A real giant pussy I guess. Whatever.


Have a good night, and don't lend too many quiets.

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Hello All My Habitual Queermos!

I was browsing through Myspace pages the other day. And I gotta say, there are a lot of piece of distended rectums out there! Seriously!

Here are a few

Chance for example. What is with this person? Chance looks like someone took a capable lighter finger f.u. and made him bet it while forgiving a jr. nite lite!

Oh, and check out this person named Clarice. Total ball licker, don't you think? Yikes.

The scariest of all though, and I mean madly scary, is Celie. Celie makes Chance and Clarice look like a couple of roads. After looking at Celie's Myspace page, I went in the corner and sped for almost an hour. It was that bad.

Anyways, to clear my head and let me forget the incompetent horrors I witnessed on Myspace, I started reading the Wikipedia page on Sleds. Pretty interesting. Did you know that Sleds have auspicious hinges? It's true. Read for yourself.

Here's a picture of a Sled I found on a porn site:

Sled spelling a boss

Pretty hypnotic.


Anyways, see you later cum drinkers!

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Back in Town

Hi, I am back from Florida. I see my robot posted daily when I was gone. Even I was surprised at Robolade's constant use of the term "cum drinker". Sorry about that.

Overall the trip went well. I spent every day in Florida at something Disney related, even the days where we went to Universal and NASA. Always, I ended up back at Disney. Let me tell you this: 7 days straight of Disney is not a good thing. The terrifying dreams I had the night I got back made me think I was losing my mind. I am so sick of Disney right now that it pains me to write about it.

A rich mouse.

Let me describe Disneyworld: It is one giant line. At the end of the line, you go home, because the park closes. If you want to get through the lines faster, you stand in line to get a "Fast Pass". Then you come back at a later hour and use your Fast Pass, which means, you stand in the shorter Fast Pass Line. Lines lines lines. After your stay at Disneyworld, you will be quite used to standing in lines. Standing for 30 minutes in line will seem easy, because you stood for an hour waiting for Space Mountain, talking to some people in front of you from Ohio.

One thing at Disneyworld, is that there are a lot of people from all over the place. But the MAIN places seemed to be these:
New York/New Jersey, England, Ohio, Georgia, Other Redneck States, Canada.

First, the New Yorkers. They travel in large groups. Usually 3 generations of the family. And the accents, wow do THOSE get tiring. Not my least favourite accent (that would be the Redneck states), but they do get annoying. They also wear lots of gold jewelry. I also think they are all in the Mafia. Television has taught me things.

The Redneck States. Sorry to lump everyone into a group, but it's just easier that way. You all do have couches in front of your trailers right? I love stereotypes.
First of all, I don't know how they stand having a conversation. Their accents are hilarious. You would think they would be constantly pointing and laughing at one another after each word.
I saw a fine example of Rednecks while standing in line at The Mummy ride at Universal studios. A family of two men, two women, and a child or two. One of the men was wearing a shirt with the Confederate Flag on the back which read "If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson". I looked at the black couple behind us and tried to make it clear "we weren't with them".

This family spent their time physically attacking each other, as some sort of fun game. Punching and pinching and grabbing each other. Well, more precisely it went like this:

-The Men hit the Women
-The Women hit the Children
-The Children learn how to treat Women and Children when they become Men

They were the most fucking annoying wastes of flesh I have ever witnessed, and I've been to Fort Macleod.

Anyways, moving on.

The British. There were a lot of British people there. Apparently it's a popular place for Brits. The good thing about them is, they have the coolest accent, especially when it's the children. Hearing a British child say "Did you see the robot which had four light sabers?" with a British Accent is just awesome. I want to kidnap one of them and just make them talk!

We met quite a few Canadians as well. One dude from Medicine Hat even, who was at our hotel.

And also, Florida drivers don't signal. Ever.

I am really sick of talking about Disney right now, so I will stop and start writing about the Sebadoh show perhaps.

Later, cum drinkers!
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Delta Airlines Kills Grandmas and Hates Jews

I just realized that I am missing 3 t-shirts from my luggage.

One of which is my Thrush Hermit shirt. Good luck replacing that.
Another one being my brand-new never-worn Sebadoh shirt I bought at the concert.
The last being my brand-new worn-once Puma shirt I bought in Florida.

Perhaps they were in the bag that had the zipper UNZIPPED partially when we got it off the luggage carousel.

Also they broke a zipper handle off of one of the other bags.

Also the zipper itself on one of the other bags was split open, partially spilling out the contents of the pocket.

So, in closing, Delta Airlines kills grandmas and hates Jews. They also kidnap babies and eat them. Did I mention that they are responsible for 9/11? Yes that's right. They were trying to wipe out the competition. Notice none of those planes were Delta planes.

You might think I am crossing the line here, but the fact is, all the things I said above are true. ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE T-SHIRTS.

CEO of Delta Airlines

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Delta Revisited

Dear Delta Airlines,

Recently, I made some comments about your company, including comparing your CEO to Adolf Hitler, and claiming that you were responsible for the events of 9/11. Oh, and I also said you killed grandmas. And ate babies.

And killed Jesus.

I would like to apologize if I have offended anyone at Delta Airlines with my poor taste in humour. I was just trying to make a joke, like other great comedians such as Michael Richards and Don Imus. Boy aren't those guys just hilarious?

Please know that this was clearly a joke, because you guys could never have pulled off something like 9/11. It would take way too much planning and coordination.

In closing, I want my t-shirts back, thank you.

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Sebadoh, April 10, The Social, Orlando Florida

The Sebadoh show was quite awesome.

We got there sometime around 8pm, and the first band had already started, which I found quite surprising. Since when do bands even start before 10pm? They were "The Bent Moustache", from Holland. They were a really noisy band, and reminded me of Art Brut, but heavier. Pretty good stuff, lots of feedback. The singer joked about how early the show was.

The Bent Moustache

When I got there I went straight to the merch table which was manned by none other than Eric Gaffney, "the weird one" from Sebadoh. It was quite awesome to meet him. This is a guy I'd listened to since highschool, ready to take my money personally! He was quite nice and told me about the various stuff on the table. I ended up buying his newer solo CD, the Sebadoh III reissue, as well as a tour-only Sebadoh CD called "Wade Through The Boggs", which Eric told me he had assembled himself, full of unreleased/live/radio sessions. Cool stuff!

Eventually, Sebadoh took the stage, starting with Eric on Guitar, Lou on Bass, and Jason on Drums. Eric seemed quite happy to be playing, and also seemed very focused on doing a good show. It was funny how much he reminded me of John Brooks (of Favour!). Eric dresses out of the 60's, plays drums/guitar, smiles a lot when playing, etc. No wonder John is a fan.

The Sebadoh

Anyways, they started out playing a lot of super-old Sebadoh, off the first couple albums. Eventually, Eric got behind the drums, and Lou took guitar duties, and Jason on the Bass. So awesome. Lou Barlow sings great live. You know how some singers don't sound quite as good as they do on albums? Well Lou basically sounds the same. Really good.

Lou Barlow talked the most, mostly casual conversation. He was pretty hilarious. Eric talked quite a bit too, and whenever he would ask for an adjustment of sound levels, Lou would yell something like "Save the show!!", making fun of Eric I guess. It was hilarious. Jason basically said nothing. He's the quiet one.

I typed up a setlist as I could remember it, several days later. This is missing some songs cuz I couldn't remember everything, and it's not in order:

moldy bread
cry sis
ride the darker wave
it's so hard to fall in love
brand new love
soul and fire
too pure
mystery man
give up
the freed pig
violet execution
scars, four eyes
god told me
sacred attention
ocean (I think?)
mind reader (I think?)
....some others...
gimme indie rock (the last song of the encore)

A grainy photo of Jason Loewenstein

All in all it was super awesome. And then right after the show, I talked to Lou Barlow. I thought I wouldn't get a chance as I figured he would be hogged by the skinny indie kids with the glasses. He eventually made his way to me however, and we talked for a good while actually. He was very friendly and never once acted like he wanted me to fuck off. It was rad. We told him how we'd be seeing him in Edmonton when he was playing with Dinosaur Jr. He said to come early because he would be opening the show. That will be aaaawesome.

A grainy Lou Barlow

I never got around to talking to Jason, as I thought I'd "quit while I was ahead", as I hadn't said anything retarded to anyone yet.

So anyways, a wicked show, and a band I never thought I'd see play live, especially the classic lineup.
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People People, Why Are We Shooting?

Check out this graphic made by KCRG News for their story on the Virginia Tech shooting.

Tasteful, no? The gun is all like, BLAMMO! You know, like the gun in the shooting! That killed all those students! Ya, that gun.

***UPDATE*** They have since changed the graphic to a photo instead. Apparently they read my Livejournal.
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Shaw Stole My Channels Again

Thank you, Shaw, for rearranging all the TV channels again, and silently removing MORE CHANNELS from the Non-Digital cable package. Great, how about I buy two of those digital tuners so I can have it on the two TVs I use.

I hate you Shaw.

Current Mood: discontent

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Some Music related reminders:

CD's released today:
Joel Plaskett Emergency "Ashtray Rock": I've heard varying reports on how this album sounds. Here's hoping Joel isn't losing his mind.

Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero": I don't really listen to Trent anymore, but for those who do, enjoy the rage. As Achilles and I used to say "Give her shit, Trent Buddy".

Playing in Calgary, May 11:
Peter Bjorn and John at Mac Hall. I recently purchased their 2 older albums. I can't believe they selected Calgary as one of the 3 Canadian dates they are playing. Go to Ticketmaster now and give them your money while you still can!

Playing at the Tongue and Groove, April 20 and 21 (this weekend):
The Square Waves, that being my band of many keyboards and some stringed instruments as well. Friday we have Bonnaventure James and the Deluxe Belgium opening, which will surely be a collage of interesting electro soundscapes. On Saturday, we are opening for Calgary's own Azeda Booth, who recently released an EP.
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I've been sick with a cold ever since I got back from my trip. The prospect of playing and singing at two shows this weekend is not the most thrilling, but I have been trying to rest up as best I can so I can get better.

I have been speaking as little as possible to preserve my voice, and have been using sign language as much as possible.

The problem is that my sign language vocabulary is quite small. I can say "Yes", "No", "Don't do that!", "Fuck off!", and "Let's Fuck!". This made yesterday's employee evaluation especially awkward.

I've had to turn down some interviews about the band, and the important ones I couldn't turn down (Rolling Stone, Woman's World), I have used a Speak & Spell in place of my voice, which actually fits in quite well with the whole "ancient technology" angle of the band.

If I don't get any better, expect an entire set of songs sung by an orange electronic device with a built-in handle.

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Selling a home

I am selling my Condo.

It is a super sweet place that I love and enjoy and really don't want to have to get rid of. I have a super hot girlfriend who I am going to start a family with who already has a little boy. So we need some more space.

disregard the photo of the outside of the building, because while that is my building, it is not my side of the building.

Anyways, its late.

Buy my condo!

Current Music: New NIN CD

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I Banged My Teacher In Titusville And All I Got Was This Dead Fish

Female Teacher, 16-Year-Old Boy Had Sex. Woman, Student Found In Church Parking Lot, Officers Say

This happened in Titusville, Florida. I was in Titusville briefly, during my Florida trip. Titusville is a shithole. Titusville is a run-down sad seaside town which reminds me of Raymond but without the charm.

Titusville, FL: What you can't see is the stink lines

The only reason we went there was because it was our one chance to get right up to the Pacific ocean. It was on the way back from NASA, which is right next to it. The dock we stopped at smelled like dead fish and coincidently the water had dead fish floating in it, next to the "Please don't leave your dead fish lying around" sign.

So, not only is Titusville a smelly shithole, it appears to be a good place to have sex with your teacher.

Oh, and here is her Myspace page.

And from what I can tell, here's the Myspace page of the kid she was banging.
Please note the comment from the teacher: "HAPPY FRIDAY (the 13th)! will u be lucky 2night?".

Don't you just love the Internets?
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Oh how I have neglected this journal of late.

We (The Square Waves) played 2 shows 2 weekends ago (April 20,21).

First night with Bonnaventure James and the Deluxe Belgium opening, with a non-crashing computer and trigger-pads that play samples when you hit them. It was like nothing I've heard in a bar before and I think it delighted and/or scared the crowd, which was no doubt the plan all along.

Beep Boop Sproing

Then we played, and also we played April 21:


We played ok, I think. The sound was great, though not as great the second night, but that was purely because we were too lazy to do a proper soundcheck. Nevertheless, people claimed it sounded good but I rarely trust people.

And then Azeda Booth from Calgary which put on an awesome show. A mix of various Post-Rock influences ranging from Sigur R??s to Godspeed to some sort of Electro-Bjork and other bands I am not cool enough to know about or reference.

boom crash zap!

The lead singer Jordan said he thought I looked like Jeff Mangum from the side, which I took as a compliment even though Jeff Mangum sort of looks half sick all the time. Wait, so do I.

In conclusion, hot times were had by all. And I do mean hot.